Healing Takes Courage, And We All Have Courage, Even If We Have To Dig A Little To Find It. ~Tori Amos

A Warrior Spirit Abstract Healing Art Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.comBuy PrintsblogDark

A Warrior Spirit Abstract Healing Art

Healing is an interesting concept to me because it involves both our physical and emotional bodies. Pain and suffering can cause deep pain and wounding and when this is the case then a process of regrowth is necessary to get back to where we were prior to our loss. I am working through my own life and experiences and realizing that my inner self is much more difficult to heal than my physical self. The scars are deep and yet not visible on the surface in a way that is apparent to the causal observer. Hidden things are always more difficult to find and I believe that this is why they tend to stay in the dark. Fortunately for me my inner warrior is fighting to save me and heal me at the same time. I have found a way out of the dark and now I must walk the path as it gets brighter all the time. My guide is with me and for this I am grateful. Comfort and Joy are also my companions as I realize that the battle has already been fought and now the long road home is the way I am choosing to live. Freedom and light beckon me as I journey, and peace can’t be far behind.


  1. Trade Routz

    you are a true warrior Omaste. One can see it reflected in your artwork. All the greats have had to go deep into the recesses of their minds, and have found an inner peace, that’s led them to their greatness. I see this in you and your incredible art.


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