The energy of the mind is the essence of life. ~Aristotle

Vibrations and Light and Energy Abstract Healing Art - Omaste Witkowski

Buy PrintsblogDarkShortVibrations of Light and Energy Abstract Healing Art

This picture is such a representation of energy. All of the colors and vibrations are along a spectrum of beauty. The many patterns and images that overlap in layers are representative of living. Nothing is completely any one way. It is all interwoven and yet distinct at the same time. There are good days and bad days and yet it all keeps moving like a river of light. Feel the light and energy and think about what it is that fascinates you today. What color would be representative and what would you do with this color? It is funny for me now because I see different situations in colors and shapes now. Whole stories playing out without words and each with a life and opinion of its own 🙂

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