People who matter are most aware that everyone else does too. ~Malcolm Forbes

Painfully Aware Abstract Healing Art Omaste Witkowski

Buy PrintsblogDarkShortPainful Awareness Abstract Healing Art

I love this quote because it expresses, to me, that everyone is important regardless of circumstance. The fact that a very powerful man wrote it was intriguing and really caught my attention. All people are created equally but are they treated equally? Are we justified when we treat others differently based on how we see them? Can we act badly if we feel that we are dealing with “bad” people? These are all questions I have been asking myself in the last week and then I found this quote and it really make me think.

 Today my artwork is focused on awareness and how it can be difficult to be fully in this world until you are aware of the part you really do play in it. My journey lately has brought me to some internal places where I have realized the pain I caused for others. It was carried out in the name of all the pain I have suffered myself. This has justified my actions for my life up until the last week. I believed that it was OK to hurt others if the hurt caused to myself was already greater. Suffering in silence I was able to live in my own world of pain and lie to myself and declare it happiness. I have now found that true happiness will come with the liberation of my own set of beliefs created around painful events. If I believe that pain is not necessary to accomplish my goals, and will never be the greatest motivator, then I can let these well intended spirits rest. Each of them has battled mightily for me and now they are loved and remembered. I am free to live with my new set of beliefs formed from compassion and acceptance.

This piece of digital art is representing pain and love and loss. It is letting awareness be painfully present and also beautiful. Here I have provided plenty of healing space that surrounds the pain but I haven’t ignored it. I let it be what it was and it helped me to heal as I was finally fully honest with myself to the point where I allowed compassion for others to be included in my memory. I have also woven in love and understanding in order to protect and cherish. Nothing is so difficult that it can’t be handled with compassion. I have been supported and protected in this way and am expressing it here as best I can.  Peace and love be with everyone today.  Namaste 🙂


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