Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty. ~Jacob Bronowski

Feeling At Home With Uncertainty Abstract Healing Art Omaste Witkowski

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Feeling At Home With Uncertainty Abstract Healing Art

A very gloomy Monday morning brings me to the idea of uncertainty. Yes a very uncomfortable subject in a cold place. What joy this brings me 🙂 I know it probably sounds funny but I am struck by how much I am going to choose to be at peace with not knowing what will happen next. I truly have no control over future events and I think that I might finally be OK with that fact. My artwork today is displaying my hesitation and eventual acceptance. There are so many colorful events that will shape lives and they are constantly being mixed and tested. No one shade is certain to occur when all of them are undecided. The beauty is again in the mystery. Does it matter exactly what color will prevail or can you sit back and enjoy the display. Take it for what it is now and not what it might be at some point in the future? Namaste 🙂







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