Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. ~Pablo Picasso

Creation Abstract Digital Artwork Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.com Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.comBuy PrintsblogDarkShortCreation

I really enjoy this quote because it illustrates the fact that everything is connected and with each ending comes a new beginning. Choosing to create something new brings about the ending of something else. To engage in a love affair is a choice to end a single life. A new piece of art represents the destruction of an empty space in the name of starting a new life of colors and compositions.

In my artwork today I am exploring the beginning of life. I am picturing a wild mass of chaos and beauty. All of the colors and every experience are represented here. Look carefully and see the patterns and connections that bind us. Our earth supports our lives and was given to us a space to learn within. A container of knowledge and a temporary stage to act out our lives upon. Each new act in this play is an ending of the previous one. And round and round we go. Literally orbiting and existing within the universe.

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