Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth. ~Mahatma Gandhi

Unequivocal Truths Abstract Symbols Artwork Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.com

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Unequivocal Truths Abstract Symbols Artwork

In the very center of my soul lies an innocent space that radiates good intentions and values the essence of us all. Everything is revealed when I look inside with an open heart to this place where my inside mirrors my outside and vice versa. Everything is in balance and I can merely live. I enjoy all of these colors of virtue and vibrance, the entire rainbow of them. Nothing is separate because I am merely a fine thread in the tapestry of life. Weaving my way through each day in search of the ultimate pattern to complete. Nothing I do will ever stand out on its own due to the fact that I can only become the best version of myself if I have a comparison to stand against. This very dichotomy makes me invisible in my own right. So I love the companionship and shades of humanity I am surrounded with. How lonely would this existence be without others to share it with. In other words, an empty classroom provides few opportunities for knowledge and understanding to flourish.

My artwork today is a representation of what I think truth would look like painted into an abstract realm. The rainbow of life is here and each section provides another opportunity to learn. All of us are in movement at all times and this will never cease. A radiant explosion of love and living self perpetuating through the eons of existence and beyond. A fountain of knowledge fed from the Tao itself. This living belief is something completely beyond understanding and it is also right in front of us every day in myriad ways. Every piece of everything we see is a miracle in its own right and I am attempting to represent a small fraction of the beauty I believe is my own special truth. Namaste

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