Loss is nothing else but change, and change is Nature’s delight. ~Marcus Aurelius

Love and Loss Abstract Healing Artwork

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My abstract digital artwork for today is exploring the idea of a broken heart. Welcome to my golden world of bright imagination and tender comfort. I am also exploring a world without good and bad as constraints. How would this look if I was able to have tragedy in my life without feeling bad about it. Would I be able to look beyond the initial sudden emotion and make my way into a realm of peace and understanding? As I pondered this question I created this artwork. Maybe it will shed some light on the subject and I will look deeply for my answers 🙂 Namaste


  1. Dear Omaste how very beautiful my friend. love every bit of this magnificent piece and your wonderful words make this one of my mos favorite and enlightening.. Hope your art is healing…I find it so healing …
    all your quotes are also so very wonderful my talented kind friend
    A Share
    I have been having a big problem with my computer..I hope the sharing shows on my wp


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