Nature does nothing in vain. ~Aristotle

Carlton Complex and Methow River Panorama by Omaste Witkowski

Carlton Complex Wildfire and Methow River Panorama

This is a photograph taken during the Carlton Complex Wildfire in July 2014. I was standing on the bank of the river outside our home and was struck by the fact that in one direction the sky was clear and blue and in the other direction the fire was raging. The plume of smoke dominated downriver and upriver you could imagine that it was any other summer. The wind was blowing so strongly that the smoke from the blaze was all going away from us. All we could see was this large plume. It was surreal to be looking into cool clear water and then up at fire and smoke. I only wished I could transport this water to the fire and quench it. Unable to do so, I took a photograph and wished for rain.


Carlton Complex and Methow River Panorama by Omaste Witkowski


  1. TradeRoutz livingStyle

    You are just so incredibly genius with what you see in nature. I love the way you interpret every scene. Love your art, it’s a reflection of your loving soul too. x

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