That perfect bliss and sole felicity, the sweet fruition of an earthly crown. ~Christopher Marlowe

Crown Chakra Abstract Spiritual Artwork by Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.comCrown Chakra Abstract Spiritual Artwork

“7. CROWN CHAKRA (Sahasrara)

The 1st Ray of “Will and Power” is associated with this chakra symbol. This chakra is located at the top of the head and spins very quickly as a 1000 petal lotus…our direct connection to God. Guidance comes directly to us from the divine and is received through this chakra.

The life force from the creator penetrates into our energy system through the crown, and moves down through the other energy centers to the root chakra. From here we are inspired by God, and filled with Grace, because we have a strong connection to a power greater than ourselves. We live in present time and our spirits live in the now in harmony with our form and Will.

Blocks in this chakra cause confusion, depression, senility, fear of success and lack of inspiration. The flow of spiritual energy is blocked in both directions. When this happens spiritual addiction and over intellectualizing occurs, as well as dissociation with the body.

Healthy Issues: Migraines, brain tumors, coma, amnesia, nervous system and muscular system disorders, mental issues, and skin disorders.

Can you feel a higher power governing your life?
Do you feel inspired, and open to new ideas?
Do you often feel confused or depressed?
Do you meditate?
Do you pray to God, thanking Him for all that you are, and show gratefulness for what you have?
Are you always complaining to God about your unhappiness?

Transcendence of unloving imprints of this chakra: “I and my Father are one in complete harmony with my Will.””

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Crown Chakra Abstract Spiritual Artwork by Omaste Witkowski


  1. TradeRoutz livingStyle

    This is beautiful Omaste! As soon as my sales pick up, I’m purchasing your calendar. I’d love to try and sell it on TradeRoutz livingStyle too, but I guess that then takes the fact that it’s what you made away, so for now, I’ll wait till I can purchase one. I love love them! x x


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