Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. ~Aesop

Noble Colors Abstract Macro Glass Photograph-by Omaste Witkowski

Noble Colors

I am not sure exactly why this image seems so noble to me. Maybe it is the sense of infinity in the center? Maybe because the colors are so bold and yet understated at the same time. Bright, vivid and alive. I see dimensions of color and light. I see the universe and all of the stars contained therein. As you can see, I have quite the imagination 🙂

This is a photograph of a piece of glass artwork created by Garth Mudge of Glassworks in Winthrop, Wa. It was taken with a Macro lens and is a very small section of the overall object. I am exploring hand blown glass at a macro level in the hopes of creating fine art from very small pieces of glass.

All of the colors and shapes are created from hot glass. None of these images are created from anything other than hand blown glass objects. I am removing visible specks of dust in Photoshop to present a cleaner look but the overall image is exactly what I am seeing through my camera lens.

The colors are vivid and alive due to the way that I am illuminating the glass art as I am taking the picture. In a way I am photographing the light as it passes through the object. Creating art from light or art from glass art? Either way I see creating art from life and from existing art.

This picture was part of a commissioned series created for a local Hotel. I was asked to produce 10-15 prints for Suites on the property and I ended up creating closer to 20 🙂 I offered the excess to a local gallery and this one was one of the pieces chosen by the gallery curator.
Noble Colors Abstract Macro Glass Photograph-by Omaste Witkowski

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