Ignite The Colors Of Passion In Order To See the Vibrancy Of Life ~Omaste Witkowski

LAYER 5 Layer 5 Orange

Today’s layer is #5 and consists of two images. One is the color paint layer and the other is how I have used the colored paint layer.
It is the same process as I used in Layer 4. I am basically adding different colors/textures to the original picture.

Gradually the image takes shape to me. I feel as though I am revealing it rather than creating it. So I feel my way through the colors that I choose and the texture and warmth that I add to them.
I imagine I am listening to an “art station” like a radio station in my head. I think that I “hear” through my “third eye” which sounds kind of off kilter to me but also true at the same time.
This is where when I over-think it I don’t like what I create. I am hearing a story / song and translating it into colorful pictures. The universe is alive and interactive. The key is being able to listen to what it is trying to communicate. As an Artist , I believe that this is my job. I am a translator of Magic and Wonder 🙂
When I was younger I was worried that I would be shunned if I admitted to these feelings. As I am progressing in my Art Career I am embracing this gift and feeling as though this is exactly why I am alive. To convey these colorful illusions in the most pleasing manner possible.


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