Find The Inner Blues and Experience Awareness Of The Skies Inside Your Consciousness ~Omaste Witkowski

LAYER 4 & Des & Ill & 2 color semi transparent

We are now onto Layers 3 & 4 & Sky Blue. In layer 3 I used the blue as a very thin layer on top of the original design. You can see the tissue paper effect on the pattern. It brings a kiss of blue to the original colors. In layer 4 I used the blue as a solid color. You can see the vibrant hearts singing to the skies and into the earth. Yearning to spread joy in every direction.

Blue is by far my favorite color and I enjoy using it in my work and seeing it in my life

LAYER 3 & Des & Ill & 1 color semi transparent

Spring Silks Fabric Art by Omaste Witkowski


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