Thought is the found of action, life and manifestation. Make the fountain pure and all will be happy. ~ James Allen

Pure Thought Abstract Inspirationa Art by OmashteI am finding this true in my own life. I can choose day to day what I want to think about my life. I am living in a conscious way and loving every minute of it. Well maybe not every minute but enough to be aware that I enjoy my existence more now.

Not everything in a day is going to be comfortable and yet it is all purposeful. Everything I do takes me where I am meant to go. I work hard every day with my family, my job and time for myself. Finding balance and embracing chaos. I am only in control of what I am actually in control of. The rest of it is left in the hands of my soul. My soul knows what is best for me and works with me to orchestrate the circumstances by which we will grow together.

The mystery of life was solved for me when I realized that by embracing my inner self the outside world was ok. Not perfect or exciting or brilliant. It was ok. It had meaning and purpose and I could now rest. Rest in the understanding of a greater good and in what I don’t really understand. When I let go of the illusion I was able to see the truth 🙂


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