Self-control is strength; right thought is mastery; calmness is power. Say unto your heart “peace, be still” ~James Allen

Peace be Still Abstract Inspirational Art by Omashte

I most recently read James Allen’s book, As A Man Thinketh. When I started reading this book I realized quickly how much wisdom was in such a small volume! My highlighter came out and I started marking specific areas that caught my attention most. Instant creativity inspired by the color combination you see above.

In the black, white, grey and red I see everything expressed as it is imagined. I am using red to represent life as a living flow. Blood and existence and vibrant expression. The grey areas are the same as circumstances in life. All of the things that happen in a day we are experiencing at various levels of consciousness. Shades of thought and the outside expressions of what we think and manifest into our world. Black represents the extreme of what binds us. Birth and death and what is solid and real. White is my attempt at innocence and purity. How it is woven through everything we do and yet not often starkly by itself.

The words are woven into the tapestry of thought. Colors encompassing ideas and dancing with dreams.

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