The dreamers are the saviors of the world. ~James Allen

Saving Dreams Abstract Inspirational Art by Omashte

I really love this quote. It is simple and yet conveys so much beauty. When we dream we are imagining the possibilities in every breath. Creating our reality in the moment and making the world a better place as we intend it.

Stacey Lytle made a comment that has really stuck with me. She asked us to take a minute and remember our dreams when we were children. As I closed my eyes and wandered back in time I remembered my dream of being an artist and designer. Playing with color to create beautiful pictures and fabric designs. As I opened my eyes and looked at Stacey she then instructed us to realize that our dreams are ours for a reason and the reason we have them is because we are supposed to go make them a reality. This is why they were given to us.

Now I understand that I have a responsibility to myself to live my dreams. For such a long time I felt like if I did this that I would be irresponsible because I needed to be serious. So ironic to realize the opposite. Thank you for reading 🙂

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