Vision is the true creative rhythm. ~Robert Delaunay

Facing The Unknown Abstract Healing Artwork by Omaste Witkowski

Facing The Unknown

What is known in life can feel comfortable and yet the unknown is where I feel that true vision lies. I am struggling with the idea of starting over in the middle of my life. What will it be like to begin again a life I have never known?

My artwork today is exploring the idea of the unknown and making it beautiful. There is a certain amount of mystery and suspense woven into the deep blue of background consciousness. Life is represented in glowing shades of flesh and spirit. Look carefully to see the hidden places with the knowledge contained within. As I created this piece I was pondering the idea that life is color and color is life. I feel as though I can write a story into being using only shades of imagination. My characters are dynamic and static and electric. They live in the confines of what you see and then live on the world of dreams.

I hope you enjoy my artwork and have a wonderful day. Namaste 🙂

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