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The HoliDaze: Some People Eat, Others See Therapists. We Travel.

Links to Websites I enjoy and some that are really useful to me as an artist:
Dave Barry:
Trade Routz:
The Abundant Artist:

Links to artists that I admire very much and who have contributed to my creative visions. I learn from their images and am inspired to look for new ways to express myself.

Alberto Mateo – Photographer, The Last Footprint.
web: – blog:
Sherri of Palm Springs:
A Curious Girl Blog:

I love fine art and I love to create. Shapes and colors fascinate me and my passion and joy are to study all of them endlessly from dawn to dusk. My favorite subjects include; Abstract Art, Nature, Architecture, Wildlife, Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Still Life, Pets, Water, Fire, Clouds, Handblown Glass, Food, Wine, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Camping and the Great Outdoors. Also, I practice martial arts and love yoga πŸ™‚


  1. TradeRoutz livingStyle

    Thankyou so much Omaste…I love your work, your spirit and all that you are about. You are an inspiration. Thank you for including my site with yours. I’m so honoured and grateful. x x


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