Liquid Paintings

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As a Digital Artist, I love working with vivid colors, varied textures and unique compositions. I welcome the opportunity to discover beauty in every subject I come across no matter how large or small.  I am always drawn to the really bright colors and compositions that make you want to look more closely to see what might be hidden.

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  1. nice explanation – i dig it! This work of computer art is not for me, however – don’t get me wrong – it’s just not my calling. The work I do though, I do not make prints – ever – so I guess we are the same in the same ‘green’ category;). Great explanation of your method/calling – and as always, keep up the beautiful work!


  2. stevewthomas

    I’ve just been browsing through “liquid paintings” and I find the color, at times, mesmerizing. Truly beautiful work. I want to thank you for stopping by “Walking the Cat” and for the “Like”. I stop by again, you can be sure. . .some of those colors! I can’t get them out of my mind. Thank you.


  3. How coincidental that I’ve just come across this post of yours. Last night I stayed up late to write about how flat and uninteresting digital prints can be, compared to “real” paintings that have texture i.e paint daubs, scratches, splashes, etc. I wrote about my experimentation to create textural digital photography art by first printing my digital image onto baking parchment, then sticking that onto a cradled wooden panel prepared using gesso and slapped-on heavy impasto gel medium. It really works to give the impression of textural depth! That post will be published next week sometime, it’s in my line up.


  4. i found you work unusually impressive. they are so good in the eyes and give me a very good feeling that it makes me wanna stare at them endlessly and wouldnt get me tired staring. your every creation is a masterpiece.

    thank you for stopping by at my blog. 🙂


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  6. Trade Routz

    I’ve said it before, but everytime I see your work, I am literally stunned by the beauty you create. Your work is incredible. I’ve never ever seen art like yours, that comes even close, or that I am so completely mesmerised with. Keep it up, seriously, you are in a league of your own.


  7. You sure know how to say it and I so agree. I enjoyed reading feelings that I never put into words on paper about art and my love for digital. I use to love to paint with oil and acrylics but messy, hehe I am a messy painter. I found digital and I am now I have such a passion for it…Terrific ready!!


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