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I started my photography work with traditional film and a darkroom back in college. Graduating to digital has been pretty exciting and powerful as well. No more smelly chemicals and wasted negatives and prints. I only print the photos I really want. I also enjoy stitching very large panoramas and using filters and tools to make my images really unique. I enjoy all types of photography and appreciate any opportunity I get to use my camera and my creative skills.

I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, skiing and just plain getting outside and wandering around looking for the best expression of a moment. I carry my camera with me wherever I go and hope for those perfect moments when the light is just right.

Other times I set up my studio and work on Macro photographs of glass and other art objects. When I am done photographing, I want to make my images as unique as I can. To express the moment or object in a new way. To make it mine and share my vision.

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Portrait Photography:
I enjoy working with individuals and their families to produce art. I love to bring out the best of whoever I am working with and really find the spirit that makes the photograph special. Each person has their own unique light and quality and I enjoy discovering and portraying that for them.Omaste Witkowski

Architectural Photography:
I appreciate the fact that building is creating art. An architect has drawn a project blueprint and a contractor or builder has constructed it. An interior designer will put their talent into place and a landscape specialist will paint the outside with their own vision. A work of art created by many artists. As the photographer I have the special job of sharing this art.

Hillside HomeMy Architectural Photographs have been featured in many magazines including, but not limited to, Fine Homebuilding, Green Source Magazine, Builder News, and Architectural Record.

Find more photos of this home, built by Jeff and Molly Patterson of The Patterson Company, on Houzz.

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